A deep dive into Whistler interior design trends for 2021 and beyond.

Whistler is known for its scenic beauty — a stunning fusion of nature and the charm of a chalet urban village. This breathtaking town, located just 90 minutes north of Vancouver, is home to Canada’s best skiing, world-class dining, and countless other amenities.

I’m grateful to have chatted with two of Whistler’s most groundbreaking thought-leaders in interior design, 122 West and Lauren Ritz. These two are favourites of mine. Here, I share their thoughts on modern Whistler design trends and what it’s like to live and operate in the area.

122 West is a boutique furniture and decor store located right in the heart of Creekside village, while Lauren Ritz is an innovative interior designer with a special affinity for Sea-to-Sky design.


Keep reading for their insights on styling your home and why living in Whistler is so special!


Introducing two of Whistler’s favourite interior designers.

122 West

122 West is Whistler’s go-to resource for furniture, decor, and design in Whistler. Their brick-and-mortar is located in Creekside Village, which is complemented by an ever-expanding online shop.

After taking over the business in 2019, owners Adele and Ben have elevated 122 West to new levels.


“Adele manages the retail side and is the definition of an empowered woman. On top of all that, she is kind, caring and (sometimes) pretty funny. While Ben is our main source of muscle, he also is a fantastic project manager, ready and willing to jump on board and facilitate any design project, big or small.”


Supported by Hayley, the firm’s lead designer, and Kitty, their customer service attendant, this small but mighty team has taken great strides in becoming Whistler’s premiere design outfit.

122 West Whistler team

Photo credit: Andi Wardrop

Since rebranding to 122 West in 2015 (a clever nod to Whistler’s longitude at 50° ᴺ – 122° ᵂ), the firm has evolved to include interior design services that pair with the retail aspect of the business. Consequently, the company is expanding dramatically, taking on a wide range of projects spanning from Sea-to-Sky to Vancouver.


Lauren Ritz Design

Lauren is a design connoisseur, launching her career a decade ago with a Vancouver-based international architecture firm. After 10 years of head-on experience, she was well-equipped to start her own company, Lauren Ritz Design, three years ago.


“We take care of everything on the inside of your home or commercial space. Ideally, we’re involved early to have input in spatial planning. From there we develop and implement concepts that evolve into a palette of finishes used in harmony throughout each of our projects.” 

Lauren ritz design

Having lived in the Sea-to-Sky corridor for most of her life, Lauren is often inspired firsthand by the region’s natural beauty. Lauren affirms her “favourite projects are always those where my clients are not only willing to take risks, but they trust me to take that leap and create a unique space for them.”


The state of Whistler interior design

122 West has seen its business grow as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic spurring Whistler locals to redefine their living spaces.

With many transitioning to working from home, or just spending more time at home in general, the company has absorbed an influx of orders for in-home office furnishings, and other items that maximize comfort and livability for any space.

“We have been busier than ever this year with new projects and people updating their spaces. While we had an influx of orders for desks and office chairs, the main focus was comfort.”

Highlighted by large, deep feather filled sofas, soft plush area rugs and cushions galore, it would appear that folks are nestling in for the long-term, based on a novel appreciation for the comforts of home.

Lauren has seen Whistler residents gravitate towards “organic palettes for finishes and colours,” She says these natural combinations embody a timelessness” that makes them extra desirable.

To Lauren, it’s clear that Whistler’s scenic environment plays a fundamental role in colours and design concepts favoured by Whistler residents.

“People are spending more time at home and they’re more willing to invest in creating supremely comfortable and unique living spaces as a result.”

And with people spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, folks are thinking more about “the comfort that they deserve in their home environment.”


Whistler interior design trends for 2021

Here is a series of trends that 122 West envisions gaining momentum through the next year:


Natural Materials

“We’ve already begun to see lots of natural materials make their way into the furniture world. You will see materials that you haven’t seen in years used in new unique ways such as natural cane/rattan, leather, or boucle. These materials add a ton of texture to homes, which help add interest and warmth.”


Rounded and Arched

“Organic shapes along with materials are at the forefront of new products being manufactured. Curved and rounded edges are trending with a nudge to the 1980’s, with modern takes and variations. We can expect to see more pieces like arched bookcases, cabinets and mirrors, large round pedestal bases for dining tables and cushion wrapped arms on accent chairs.”


Earth Toned Neutrals

“We’re big on lots of light-toned woods and bleached finishes to bring a fresh, high-end feel to traditional materials. Our new favourite finish is bleached Walnut. These lighter tones create a calmer colour palette.”



“For 2021, we are going to see a surge of people in search of sustainable products, especially for bedding. Rest and rejuvenation have never been more important and having bedding that is comfortable, stylish and sustainable is a huge upgrade for any home. Look for organic cotton or linen and of course, keep it local — made in Canada!”


Shopping Local

“More than ever people are looking to shop local. The world is shifting gears due to COVID-19 and people want to see their communities thrive and their local economies stay strong. The best way to accomplish these goals is by shopping with small businesses in your area!”


Lauren Ritz picks out Biophilic Design.

While Lauren doesn’t love the connotation of the term “trends,” there are developments she envisions becoming more popular in the near future.

“As people aim to achieve balance with nature, we’ll see linens and wools, woods, organic-feeling wall surfaces, patina metals, and overall trying to keep the spaces feeling bright and spacious, and incorporating biophilic design.”

Biophilic design enables a person to develop a stronger connection between their home and the natural environment in which they live.

Linens and wools are often called “nature’s clothing” or “natural fibers,” which when harnessed with light woods are key principles of biophily. Patina metals strengthen the biophilic aesthetic thanks to their more natural textures and colours compared to traditional grey metals.


What makes Whistler a great place to live?

Whistler inspires locals with its natural blend of innate charm and urban village amenities. Here’s what two of the town’s most inspiring designers believe make it such a special place.


122 West

Whistler is a wholesome and growing community that 122 West is grateful to be an integral part of.

They love Whistler’s character in particular reference to the town’s housing styles. And while a large majority of the homes here are genuine ski cabins, they enjoy working with all of the original details within them. Even the new builds tend to pay homage to the original architecture throughout the town.

“Along with all the amazing people, it is impossible not to feel excitement when there’s a fresh snowfall or a bluebird day — even if you’re just sitting at home.”

As locals, their favourite activities in the area are walking the Lost Lake Trails, skating on Green Lake, having a glass of wine on the Nita Lake Patio, shopping at top locally owned shops and of course heading up the mountain for a day on the slopes. Overall, Whistler is a “magical” place to call home.

122 west Whistler

Lauren Ritz

Lauren sees Whistler as being in its own unique “bubble”, as it’s often referred to, offering a special blend of natural beauty and modern conveniences. “It’s a kind of wonderland for all ages where you can escape the rest of the world,” Lauren reflects. “It definitely has a unique personality few other places can compete with.”

 “Whistler simply has a feel that few places on earth can match.”

She’s also picked up on a unique vibrance and fun atmosphere that Whistler invokes. A perfect match for highly active, whimsical, adventurous folks, the town truly has something for everyone.


Your connection to Whistler

I’m so thankful to 122 West and Lauren for sharing their stories as trailblazers in the Whistler design scene.

Visit 122 West’s website to see the products and services they’re providing to the Sea-to-Sky region and beyond. Their Instagram is a powerful visual catalogue for all of their designs.


You can also check out Lauren Ritz Design’s website to stay up to date on their latest projects. Follow the company on Instagram, where they showcase their beautiful work.

Want to know more about living in Whistler? Reach out to me for the full scoop!